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The DRAMA TIME program is especially designed to serve two basic functions:

  • Develop acting and performance skills
  • Develop life skills

The DRAMA TIME program is structured to achieve results in three main areas:

  • Nurture and enhance creativity through imagination, resourcefulness and self-confidence
  • Develop and encourage group awareness, and an ability to adapt and work in a group
  • Gain life skills in the areas of presentation, communication, voice production and public speaking.

Glee Club

The GLEE CLUB is especially designed to serve two basic functions:

  • Develop singing, dancing and performance skills
  • Develop  confidence, creativity and collaboration

The GLEE CLUB program is structured to nurture and enhance:

  • Resourcefulness
  • Group awareness
  • Team building
  • Motivation
  • Enthusiasm

And of course, like all Drama Time programs – Glee Club is great fun!

The Drama Time Glee Club is now running at Brighton Beach Primary School, Elsternwick Primary School and Moorabbin Primary School. 


There are two options for schools to engage the Drama Time and/or Drama Time Glee Club programs.

1. Extra-curricular Classes
Parent funded extra-curricular classes, conducted weekly throughout the four terms of the school year. Classes are held either at lunch time or after school.

2. Curriculum Program
A weekly program during normal school hours, as part of the regular curriculum. A Drama Time teacher will come to the school on a selected day or days each week.

See 'enrolments' for more details.

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