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Rose Brio

Rose Brio is a multi-instrumentalist and works as a performer, teacher, session musician and social justice advocate. She uses theatrical elements in her performances so people do not just hear the music but see it too. Specialising in violin, viola and cello, she loves the dramatic sounds and atmosphere that can be created with those instruments. This is very evident in her shows with her use of costume, props and movement to create the show. Rose also has years of experience working with children from children’s’ parties and events to childcare. She understands the role that drama and music have to help children develop their conīŦdence, social skills and thought processes. Rose is all about positivity and maintaining a calm yet engaging atmosphere at all times. Recognisable with her trademark bright red hair, you’ll see Rose enjoying her drama classes just as much as the kids do!!

Rose Brio is currently not instructing any classes.